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Your Donation Makes a Difference

We are 260 families growing our own food, 70% of us are immigrants (most from Myanmar and Nepal), and we speak over a dozen first languages. Please help keep Rice Street Gardens Alive! ​


Because of Rice Street Gardens:

  • We eat better

  • We are healthier

  • Our customs are respected

We have a capital campaign to raise one million dollars to buy land for 190 plots and improvements. We currently have raised $800,000. Your donation will help Rice Street Gardens to continue: the Forever Land Trust will protect our gardening space by helping passionate donors leave a legacy for future generations, through entrepreneurship, education, and by establishing long-term conservation stewardship support. Rice Street Gardens is a 501 (c) (3) organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

Please Help Save the Gardens!

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Thank you for your donation!

For larger donations, please send a check to:

Rice Street Gardens

145 N. McCarrons Blvd.

Roseville MN 55113

Also consider visiting our shop.

40% of all purchases go to the gardens.

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